Tuesday, July 31, 2012


In looking for pretty fashion I kept coming across Style Boards from Polyvore. Here is one I designed:

I love the possibilities of this site! You can search for specific items, colors, or stores.

I think this could come in handy for creating outfits, especially in sewing when you don't have the finished product in front of you, but instead have to visualize the outfit ahead of time.

Having trouble with a full closet but "nothing to wear"? Have a blue skirt at home but don't know what to put with it? Look up tops and get lots of ideas!

How about shopping? Know a certain store is having a sale? Go on Polyvore to create outfits. When at the store you will know exactly what you need and what items look great together because you went shopping ahead of time.

Does anybody else use Polyvore? Have any tips? I would love to see the outfits that you've created!

Thanks for reading!

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