Monday, December 10, 2012

Book Review: Equipped to Love

Equipped to Love
Building Idolatry-Free Relationships
By Norm Wakefield
Equipped to Love : Idolatry-free Relationships

Equipped to Love presents practical insights into the dynamic of what hinders one’s freedom to love with God’s kind of love—the spirit of idolatry. It also focuses on the source of one’s ability to love—a relationship with God. You’ll learn to distinguish between God’s kind of love and the world’s kind of love. Harmful, hidden motivations which hinder ability to love will come to light and you’ll be equipped to recognize the characteristics and destructiveness of the spirit of idolatry, resulting in a greater freedom to love.

My thoughts: I first heard this message from Norm Wakefield’s sermon on Idolatry-Free Relationships. This information was so eye-opening and convicting for me! It really gets to the heart of why we get mad at people when things don’t go our way and reveals the secret motives of the heart when we are “nice” to people. I loved that this book wasn’t about formulas but about a relationship with Christ and getting your needs met through Him instead of people, which enables us to love with complete abandonment! This book was very convicting and life changing for me!

Love can only take place where a relationship is free from idolatry and a person recognizes God as the source of everything. The moment we look to someone to be the source of supplying our happiness or comfort, we put them in the place of God. 
We think our problem is the person who seems to be bent on making our lives miserable, or that situation which refuses to be resolved into comfort and happiness. But the problem is our refusal to worship and serve God only. We often fail to realize that God has an unwavering goal to sanctify us and purify us from our unbelief and idolatry. If we’re to glorify God in our lives, we’ve got to stop struggling, surrender to Christ, and yield to what He’s doing in our lives. Instead of wrestling with God (which is sure to leave some visible wound), we need to yield to His purposes.

The most unattractive individuals are esteemed with greater honor because in loving them we demonstrate the glorious, selfless love of Christ who gave his life for those who were unworthy and unlovely. The more difficult the individual or circumstance, the greater the potential for glorifying our Lord.

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