Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Product Review: Trendy Top

I avoided purchasing this product for quite a while. Frankly, it didn't have very many positive reviews.  But necessity demanded I do something and this seemed the only option. So out I went to the store, with very little optimism, and purchased my own Trendy Top set. So now that I own this myself, what do I think?

I'm so glad I purchased this!!! 

Its not perfect and could definitely use some improvement so I'll go over what they claim this product does and what my actual experience was.

Layer your look without the bulk
My experience: It does add a nice layered look but unfortunately for me it adds bulk. I'm pretty tiny and the small size is still too large for me in the waist. I wish they carried an extra small. But like I said, I'm small. So maybe this wouldn't be a problem for others???

Covers your waist, belly and rear view
YES!!! My job is quite physical with lots of bending over, reaching, you name it! I was so tired of always showing skin. No matter how careful I was or how long of a shirt I wore it didn't seem to make a difference. I think because this isn't an actual shirt that is attached at the shoulders it seems to stay put nicely.
Wear as a Cami
Not the reason I bought it. A good thing too! Though it covers a lot better than regular camis when bending over, it doesn't lay nicely at all. If they tweaked their design I think it could work really well.

So my thoughts overall? I'm really glad I purchased this! No, its not perfect. But I love the covering it provides even though it doesn't fit the way I was hoping. In my opinion, the modesty it provides is worth any of my dislikes.


  1. I've seen these before but opted for making my own from an old t-shirt with a stain on the shoulder instead of buying one...

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